Those kids say the darnest things….

I’ve spent the last two days at an off-site Marketing/Engineering meeting. As a kick-off ice breaker, we went around the room: Name. Position. Years with Company. Personal Fun Fact.
Here are some shared “Fun” Facts:
“I live in the country, like where people drop off dogs. I usually shoot those.”
“Every Sunday, I give free Mohawks on my back porch.”
“I can do the splits.” (This was a guy. Then he demonstrated.)
“In college, I majored in both archery and fly fishing.”
“I hate golf.” (Then there was a collective, horrified gasp.)
“I love nature, so I’ve decided to become an amateur gynecologist—I mean geologist.”

Other Things Overheard:
“I’ll be brief.” (said by noted long-wind)
The guy sitting next to me taking a drink of Dr Pepper then swishing it around in his mouth. I wanted to scream.
“I had a cookie.” “Good for you.”
“Which one of you was singing “Me & Bobby McGee” at the bar last night?”
“You had me at ‘Hitler.’”
“After (name redacted) sat on my lap, I had to pour mouth wash all over my body.”
“What’s he talking about?” “I have no idea.”

Other Things Over-seen:
Many pairs of Wranglers
Lots of khakis with front pleats
One cowboy hat
One empty bottle of Ozarka with chew spit in the bottom
For than one fu manchu stache

Side note. The hotel we stayed at used to be Hotel Texas—where JFK spent his last night. This was hanging in my bathroom. Kind of creepy/cool…

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