Last week, I was riding down the elevator with brand new Summer Intern.

Me: (with big, friendly grin) “Hey.”
Summer Intern: “Hi! I’ve been meaning to tell you all week…you totally remind me so much of…”
Me: (mouth opening, about to inturrupt with, “Yeah, yeah…Jennifer Aniston. I know, I know, I get that allll the time!” (Okay, maybe not “all the time,” but more than once.) Not a bad comparison, of course–girl friend’s got the best hair ever.)
But before I could properly inturrupt with the celebrity name that has become somewhat expected to me, Summer Intern finished her statement with…)
“…Kirstie Alley.”
Summer Intern: (nervous laugh at my dropped jaw silence)
Me: “Oh.” (blinking, with not-as-friendly grin) “From Cheers?”
(Summer Intern is nineteen. She’s never seen Cheers.)
Summer Intern: “No, no, from Dancing with the Stars.”
Summer Intern: “But I mean…a much slimmer version, of course!”
I have no idea what to do with this information. What do you think, Kirstie?

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